The Most Effective Way to Achieve Greatness
is to Surround Yourself with Greatness.
The Badass Mastermind Group is an exclusive, hand-chosen posse of big-thinkers and high-achievers who have joined together in pursuit of new levels of success, their own as well as yours.

Led by world-class success coach, Jen Sincero, you will receive the consistent support of a high-frequency community to stay accountable, share resources, brainstorm, cross-promote, collaborate, celebrate and experience life on a whole new level.

Over the course of the 9 month Mastermind, we will focus on making rapid forward movement in all areas of your life: Financial, professional, physical, spiritual, romantic, creative and, you know, the part that likes to sit on a warm beach and do nothing but stare at the ocean and play with your lip.

Here’s what you will be a part of:
  • 2 Weekend Retreats. Come together with your fellow Masterminds in a luxurious, private, high-frequency location for a long weekend of coaching, brainstorming and massive expansion.
  • 1X Monthly, 30-Minute Private Coaching Call. You and Jen will speak to assess where you are, set new goals, expand on existing ones and work through any blocks you may have.
  • 1 Monthly 90-Minute Group Coaching Call. Jen will lead the Mastermind through a different topic on each call as well as hold a Q&A.
  • Private Badass Mastermind Group Forum. You will have 24/7 access to an exclusive online forum to stay connected to and energized by the group.
This program is currently closed. Please give us your email if you’d like to be amongst the first notified when it’s offered again!
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